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PE and Sport Premium


Primary PE and Sport Premium is an initiative that aims to help increase and improve the PE and sporting opportunities for children. It was first provided in the 2013/2014 academic year and the current Government has pledged to continue this funding until 2020.  Some of the funding for this is provided by the 'sugar tax'.

PE and Sport Premium funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education, the Department for Health and Culture and the Department for Media and Sport.  It has been allocated to primary school head teachers and is ring-fenced, meaning that it can only be spent on the provision of PE and sport in schools.

The Government believes that head teachers and school leaders should decide how to use the funding for PE and Sports in school. They are held accountable for the decisions they make through:

  • the performance outcomes of all pupils compared with their peers;
  • the Ofsted inspection framework, under which inspectors focus on the attainment of pupil groups, in particular in those areas where specific funding has been provided; and
  • the reports that schools are required to publish online for parents/carers.

All primary schools receive a lump sum of £16,000, plus £10 per pupil aged 5 or over on roll.  We aim is to use the funding effectively to ensure that standards of learning and achievement in PE and Sports are raised, with all children, regardless of their background, engaging in physical activity as part of the curriculum and extra-curricular provision.



Impact and Outcomes, including evidencs


Estimated Cost

To continue to improve quality of teaching gymnastics within PE lessons and extend extra-curricular gymnastics, making it a target inter-school sport.


This will be measured by teachers' CPD impact sheets, gymnastics surveys from pupils, lesson observations, uptake of pupils attending Gymnastics Club and pupil perceptions.

As all teachers are with new Year groups, in addition to new teachers, SJ to work with each class for a half term during Autumn, Spring and Summer terms to work with teachers.  Observe, Teach, Reflect, Teach method of working with SJ.


Class teachers supported to develop their own teaching in gym through this method.


Class teachers to follow up with their own session after session with SJ.  SJ to observe in summer term.


SJ to develop/amend lessons plans to be used by class teachers.


To make enquiries about using SJ as a gymnastics coach in other schools - start as an after school activity.

CPD impact sheets, lesson observations, Club uptake, pupil perceptions.

All classes, with the exception of Reception, have completed a pair session with SJ and an individual 6 weeks 26.03.2019.


Developing SJ as a gymnastics coach.

To speak to SP about other schools needing support 26.03.2019



Cost for SJ teaching Monday, plus after school, including parent afternoon and inter-house competition.


PE Conference Suffolk Conference and HSPSA Conference

To gain information about the latest events and training and how PE Grant can be spent in a sustainable way.


To upskill teachers to improve practice.


Awareness of sport in Suffolk and what is available for our pupils.

Conference 21.11.2018 not attended due to need to be in school with AN

Training for staff, therefore improved practice.

Teacher voice, staff meeting discussion.

£90 x 2

Supply cover £360

To ensure sporting activities take place in a safe environment.

Membership provides up to date safety information and support with safety issues.


Silver membership of British Gymnastics.


Annual safety check from SportSafe and repairs

Yes - safety of pupils must be an essential part of any activity.

AfPE membership £89

British Gymnastics Silver membership £41

Safety check £25

Repairs £300

To ensure that PE curriculum is implemented providing continuity across the curriculum.


To ensure that all staff have high quality professional competence throughout all areas of the  PE curriculum.


To develop the competence, creativity, performance and healthy lifestyle of all the children in our School.

Staff meeting explaining PE curriculum.


Planning resources uploaded onto system.


Planning checked to see curriculum being followed.


Lesson observations.


Work with SJ to check gymnastics plans.

Not actioned yet, curriculum planning 05/04/2019.  Date for lesson observations and date to work with SJ to be booked


Two half days HLTA cover £180

Increase physical activity in the School outside lessons.



Midday Playleaders will take this role on during academic year to lead 'zoned areas' of activity at playtimes.


The Club will then be used to train lunchtime sports leaders.


To train and employ midday playleaders.


Purchase of storage space for midday play equipment.


To purchase a high quality outdoor table tennis table.  Plus matting to under table to stop grass wearing.


Training of Years 5/6 to become 'referees' to manage football matches played at lunchtime.


Development of Daily Mile running track.


Development of sports leaders to work alongside Midday Supervisors.


Pupil perceptions.

Reduction in number of behavioural incidents on playground.

Playleaders in operation, play zones beginning to be established 23/03/2019.

Use of track - opening 16/11/2019.

Track being used by all classes.























Cost of lunchtime Playleaders £4,200


4 x £40 = £160 cost of Premier Sport training Playleaders (cost not confirmed)


£3,000 estimated cost for equipment shed, removal of bushes, concrete base, shelving and storage equipment.


£2,000 table tennis table


4 x £30 = £120 - awaiting cost from Premier Sport


Training for 6 sports leaders as part of HSSP package



Enrich the PE curriculum across the whole School with a wider range of activities and opportunities by coaches and outside providers.


To offer a broad curriculum that inspires the children to participate in a wide range of physical activities.


To offer the opportunity for pupils to attend a large sporting event.

To provide enrichment activities for Year 6 across the year.  Archery, lacrosse and fitness - these sports provide a gateway into non-traditional sports.


Provide a canoeing/kayaking water based activity session for pupils, as this aspect has been removed from the Year 6 residential trip - Thorpe Woodlands, Alton Water.


Provide climbing session at Stowmarket Ipswich Bouldering Centre for each class or visit to velodrome in Lea Valley.


Participation in SEND festivals run by HSSP, provide inclusion for all pupils.


Pupil perceptions - focus on do these sports provide something the curriculum does not.  Pupil survey May 2019

Session at Alton Water booked for 01/08/2019


SEND perceptions.  NR to support group going to events and feed back after.

Panthelon cancelled.  12 pupils attended multi-sports HSSSP sports event SEND, plus on non- participation pupils.








18 weeks x £40 = £720 









Coach travel £250

Canoeing/ water sports £1,200








6 weeks coach travel 6 x £120 = £720

Coaching fees 6 x awaiting cost


Transport cost car?  Depending on criteria for entering the competition

To continue high participation levels of inter-school events.


To give the children the confidence to compete and perform against other schools.


To maintain the profile of PE throughout the School.

Inter school events organised by teachers responsible.


To target four teams to reach School Games finals - Quadkids, Gymnastics, Rugby and Sportshall Athletics.


Sports Awards Assembly, school sports noticeboard.

Success of team in competition using C teams.

52% of pupils taken part in extra curricular sport.


Pupil perceptions.

Finished second in both football and Sportshall Athletics.  Finals of basketball and orienteering.


Upkeep of PE board - GM.


Entry to competition 20 x £15 + £50 = £520

Transport 10 x coach £1,300

8 x minibus hire £400

Cover for teaching staff - 9 days, teaching assistant - 2 days £2,500

Sports awards trophies and engraving £120

Overcoming poor motor skill development.

Development of Gym Trail for KS1 children.  SG to run gym trail sessions.  Review effectiveness.

Motor skills development fine/gross



Observations review teacher feedback


£2,449 to cover SG five times per week for 30 x minutes

To ensure pupils have the correct equipment to participate in all PE activities.

Replacement of sports equipment - rugby balls, footballs, playtime equipment.


Crash mat.

PE audit.


Crash mat purchased 02/2019



Playtime equipment £1,000

Sports equipment

PE Action Plan 2017/2018
In the academic year 2016/2017 80% of Year 6 pupils could swim 25 metres.
In the academic year 2017/2018 87% of Year 6 pupils could swim 25 metres.