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Mrs Rockett's Health and Happiness Page

Day 12 - 03.04.2020

Good Morning, It's starting to warm up out there a little and we are promised a lovely hot weekend. Today would be the first day of the Easter holiday for the children, with staff on a PD day.

Well things are certainly different. Mums and Dads you've done a fab job so far, now enjoy the next two weeks with your children, take off the teacher hat, put on the fun parent hat, this is still the holiday for the family. I know some of you still have to work and for some of you it will be a difficult time as we head into the third week of isolation, we may start feeling what is happening all over the world is getting a little closer to our part of Suffolk now. Remember you are all part of our school family and we are still here for you. I won't be updating every day for the next two weeks, but will endeavour to get on here. If you or you child/children need some help, are struggling mentally, or you feel that things are getting on top of you, please email me at

I will be checking for messages daily and as an ELSA I do have lots of things that you may find helpful for you and your family in this extraordinary time.  

Here are some fun things to do as a family this holiday.

Have a BBQ, I know it's early in the season, but it's going to get hot, and we have bbq'd in the snow before! 

Weed the garden, check for any new weeds daring to poke through

Do a jigsaw

Some colouring in

Create an assault course for a pet, can you train them?

Do breakfast in bed for your parents, be careful with the kettle

Make some chocolate crispy nests

 Make some playdough How to make playdough

Check out the RSPB site they are doing their garden bird watch and have lots of other great ideas -  RSPB fun and learning

Above all this Easter Holiday, try to relax, and have fun but please remember ....

Stay home, stay safe

Day 11 - 02.04.2020

Good morning and another grey one out there, I haven't dared to go out yet, but it looks cold. I'd like to think about dreams today. When I work in the Space with some children they often talk about dreams, how sometimes they are scary, and sometimes just unsettling.

I am usually someone who gets into bed and goes straight off and if I dream I never remember them, but for the last thre weeks this hasn't been the case. I have been having some very strange dreams, like last night I was in school, it was full of people and there were sacks of celery everywhere. Everyone was talking all at once and I didn't know what to do. So like many nights of late I was awake from 3 am for quite a while, my Fitbit is starting to think this is normal. So that got me thinking how your all getting on. Are you having broken sleep? Strange dreams? Or even nightmares? Is it affecting your mood? Is it stopping you from going to sleep?

If the answer is yes, then here are some of the things we can do to help. Go to bed in a relaxed state, have a bath, read a nice book, put down the screens so close to bed time. If we can relax the mind the body should follow. Do some breathing exercises before you go to sleep, breathe in for 5 out for 5, think about the enjoyable parts of your day. If you find yourself woken by a dream, try to stay calm, have a note pad and pencil by your bed ready to jot down what it was that woke you, by taking the thought out, you are putting it aside for later, this sends a signal to you brain that you don't need to worry about it right now, but it will still be there when your ready. Go back to the breathing. If your still struggling to go back to sleep, pop to the toilet, then get yourself all tucked up again, think about some good things that you have got coming up, imagine the big family get together or going around a friends, your favorite meal, or pudding. The warmth from hugging a pet, and the security from cuddling your teddy (I still have one). In the morning talk to someone, Mum, Dad, sibling, friend by sharing the dream it can make it less scary, and you might find your not alone.

Today Challenge

Look at these calendars and see if you can make them part of your day.ELSA calendar for April 

Just for fun

Can you do your own version with every one in you house?

Stay home, stay safe

Day 10 - 01.04.2020

Today is April Fools day, the sun is pretending not to be there, let's hope it pops out at 12 o'clock and says just kidding. It feels very dull today, so today it's about brightening everything up. Have you remembered your routines? Are you up and dressed? Have you brushed your hair? Your teeth? are you keeping your work space tidy? These things all help us stay strong and focused, and gives us some control.

Today's Challenge

Create an image of a person, pet, or something from nature you can see. Use any medium, pencil, pen, paint, natural resources twigs, leaves, stones, fabric, it can be 2D or 3D, get creative. What have you got around you? Can you do the same image in more than one way? Don't forget to take photos, this is a great way of documenting this unique time.

How are you sleeping? Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is our way to process what has happened through the day and for our bodies to repair and grow. In order to sleep well we need to have had a day that involves activity, we need to have moved and been active, when our body is physically tired, it can help us to sleep. We need to have talked about our thoughts worries and concerns, if we go to bed with these things in our head it can affect the quality of sleep we get. If there is something playing on your mind then talk to someone, write it down, scrunch it up, scream it out. If you need an answer so that you can stop it going around in your mind, ask the question. There is a saying.....A trouble shared is a trouble halved. Also a healthy diet plays a huge part, if you've been eating lots of sugary things just before bed these will make it harder for your body to switch off, your body needs a good balance of fruit, vegetables, carbs and protein.

If anyone is having difficulties and needs some more individual thoughts and support please email me at and I will do my best to give you support or find other support that is available for you.

Stay home, stay safe. 

Day 9 -N31.03.2020

Good morning another bright and sunny one but still very chilly. Today is the last day of March. How are you finding the new routine? Have you settled into it? Has it become the new normal? Are you on top of the school work? Are you asking for help if you need it? Though we are not together this is not a journey to take alone.

Today's Challenge

Pick up the phone, phone family, don't wait for mum and dad to do the check in, be the one they hear on the phone first. This not only is a lovely thing to do, but will make you smile, if your unable to phone family, choose a friend or a neighbour.

Today get outside, go for walk, a run, do some skipping, check on your shoot/bud, do some garden tidying, sweep up, do some weeding. Soon when the weather picks up the garden will become another room for you, make sure its ready.

Have you got a bird feeder? If so fill it up and watch your visitors appear. It is the time of year where we see lots of birds returning. Can you hear them? Can you draw one? If your not sure what bird it is? Ask a grown up or even Google.

National trust bird feeder Natural History Museum bird feeder Click on the picture to enlarge.

Have fun today.

Stay home, stay safe

Day 8 - 30.03.2020

Good morning, hope you all had some fun over the weekend chilling out. Today the sun is out but oh it's so cold. Yesterday saw the first day of British summer time as the clocks went forward and we celebrated with snow, hail, sleet, rain and sun only in the UK.

Hopefully you managed to get into a routine last week, a good balance of school, family, fun and relaxation. This week I would like you all to think a little about emotions. What are they? What causes them? How they affect us? Why they are important?

Everybody has a difference understanding of emotions, this is what makes us all unique. An emotion is a feeling inside, usually as a result of the environment we find ourselves in. What one person feels may not be the same as another person. Some people find spiders fascinating and lovely to look at, me I'd rather run in the other direction. It's fair to say I feel fear when around spiders, some of the signs within my body are, raised heart rate, clammy hands, goosebumps on my arms and I have been known to wake in a cold sweat in the night from a spider related dream. All, I know are irrational, I am so much bigger than a spider, I have never been attacked or even run at by a spider, so there is no logical reason for me to be scared. I can manage to be in a room full of children and not completely freak out and even move a spider, but all these things are going on inside me and I am trying to be brave and not pass that fear on. Children and adults learn a lot about emotions by what they see, maybe when I was little I saw someone react the same way to a spider, but I don't remember.

So why do we have emotions? Imagine your going back in time, you wake up and find yourself in a beautiful green leafy glade. Sounds idyllic? Okay you then notice a T- Rex. This is where your primal brain kicks in. You have three options. These are known as the three F's, fight, flight or freeze.... Which do you choose? Fight, can you take on the T-Rex? Can you beat it? Can you do enough to scare it off? Flight, Can you out run it? Is there somewhere safe to go to? Freeze, If you stay still will it see you? Has it even seen you yet? Your brain has to look at all the evidence and make a choice in that moment. So it is very important we all have emotions they help us to survive, the key is to learn how to understand and regulate your emotions so they do not rule you, yet help you to thrive.

Today's Challenge

 Inside Out Emotions Watch this

Think of times when you have felt happy, sad, angry, disgusted and scared? What was happening? Was there anyone else there? What did you do? What was end result?

How do you feel today? How do you feel about Coronavirus? Does it make you want to fight? Do you feel angry? Has it made you feel like you are missing out on things you love to do? Is it interfering with your plans? Does it make you want to flight? Do you want to run away? Do you want to be alone? Do you want hide away from it all and pretend it's not real? Or are you frozen, Do you feel you must stay still? That you can avoid it if you do nothing? In this case the evidence suggests we can beat this by just staying where we are. Just because we can't go out though doesn't mean that we can't do anything, never has their been a better time to be stuck at home. We have the ability to talk and see other people from the comfort of our own home. Even if your feeling scared and want to run or fight those things are not the best way to cope with this situation. Once you can learn to reason with your primal brain (me with spiders and a class full of children) you can start to take control.

Have you been to check the new shoot your watching? Is it growing nicely? Have you played hide the thimble? We still have 2 more chicks at this end to be found. How is your game coming along? Have you played it yet?Stay home stay safe 

Day 5 - 27.03.2020

Though the nights are cold, once again the sun is shinning the birds are singing and it's a whole new day. How many of you heard the clapping last night? Who joined in? I stood on my front step with my family and we Clapped for our Carers, I then returned inside and felt totally overwhelmed by the whole scale of things. The massive change to all our lives, the kindness of strangers, the proof that we can all still pull together as humans. It made me glad to be part of our beautiful village, our school family, our community and our country.

Today let's reflect upon the last week, Kids your up....who would you spotlight? Who has shown kindness? Who has been helpful? Who has persevered? Who has been a good sport? Who has made you laugh? Who has made you feel safe? Don't forget to give a blank award to everyone to fill in on who they think should get one too. Make some awards, little certificates think carefully about what the award is for write a little bit about the action or deed, have a little 'assembly'. Talk about the week, the challenges, the thoughts and feelings that have come up. This is a great way to keep on top of what is happening to us, bottling up feelings can lead you feeling not great, if we look and reflect at least once a week it can help us to stay well and stay strong.

Here's a game to play. Hide the thimble. Some of you will never have heard of this but I bet your parents have. We have evolved it over the years, several years ago it became hide the storm trouper (came from Mr R's Advent calendar) He hung out in the bathroom for months, when we spotted him we moved him until the next person spotted him. This week it has been Easter chicks, the tiny scruffy craft ones, Bailey had a box and all week they have been popping up, Daisy has then been collecting them up and lining them up on the TV.. Today I am hiding them again. Find something/anything, make sure everyone knows what they are looking for, then go off and hide it, you can use colder and warmer to help them locate the item.

Play a board game, any game that you can play together, if, you don't have any try your hand at making one. There are plenty of ideas on the internet to set you off. Making a game can take time so don't rush it, put care into it think about the instructions, sometimes the simplest instructions make the best games.

Have any of you been keeping a diary? Today marks a week since you last went to school, worth noting. Ask other  people in the house for their thoughts on it all, I think a lot of the parents will say they have learnt a lot about themselves too. It's good to understand that we all have things were learning, but we can all adapt.

Stay home, stay safe 

Day 4 - 26.03.2020

Wow another sunny morning, I like being able to start with this, I wonder if the weather will affect the way we feel about this if we can't get outside. Today soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the sun. I feel that we are being smiled upon in a bid to help us get through this. 

Today's Thought

Have you been able to get any seeds, new growth is always a good sign of time moving on, as i said before nature neither know or cares what is happening, but it is continuing to do all the things it ever has. Remember not so long ago when the Amazon was on fire or the Australian bush? New growth has already hidden so many of the signs of that happening. Nature could really teach us a thing or two about resilience. 

Today's Challenge 

Get outside and take a photo or lots, look for nature's new growth, is there a bud just coming though, some shoots forming on a tree, a weed trying to make it to the day light. Take photos watch it grow, try to make a film using stop motion (one photo a day from the same spot) measure it. How big is it? Look at the colour of it, What do you think it will look like when it's grown. Can you draw what you think it will become. Over the next few weeks watch and see how this new something blossoms and blooms.......This is a new time for all of us, and with the support and love that is all around us, (405,000 volunteers to help out the NHS, Children writing to older people in care homes who can't get out. People looking out for neighbours in a way that hasn't been see for many years.) We too will grow and bloom

It is important that even though we can't go out to keep in contact with our family and friends, a phone call, a skype, facetime if your parents have it. We are all in this together yet never have we been so alone, hearing a voice of a friend or loved one is something that can really help both you and them. Try not to get to engrossed in the news, it's good to know whats happening but too much news can also have a negative effect. Listen to music instead, dance and move. 

Below are two links to websites that can help if you feel your anxiety is talking over a little, your not alone and all feelings are valid, but maybe you can find some comfort at one of these 2 places.

 Mind - Helping young people to understand their feelings 

Childline - There to help when you need it, you will find games, imformation and fantastic support here.     

Stay safe, stay home 

Day 3 - 25.03.2020

Good morning to you all. Once again the sun is up and shining, are you? Remember some routines are good ones to keep. How did you do with your signing? It's quite a lovely song and has a great message especially at this time.

Today's Challenge

Build something.... a tower, a structure, a den, a home for your toys, a bug hotel. You can use anything you have around you, Lego, blocks, tooth picks, plastic cups, marble run, stones, twigs (don't take the new growth off of the trees though) chairs, blankets. Have fun be creative, take a photo or two. Who can you get to help? Do you want help? Is there someone at home you can challenge? The tallest, the widest, the most useful? 

 Today's Thought

I'd like you all to think about how we can be the rainbow in someones day...What can we do to help. There is always something. Toady is bin day I have left a message for our bin men, they are heroes too...

Who is your hero? What do they do? How can you let them know you are grateful for them? It could be someone at home, mum, dad, brother, sister, granny, gramps.... Someone who you are missing, a friend, a relative you can't be with at the moment, it could be someone who helps....maybe you could write a letter or an email, draw a picture or make them a cuppa.

If you feel that you are worried or anxious this might help.

Breathe, find your rhythm- slow your breathing, in through your nose out through your mouth, count while you do this, in for 5 out for 5, fill your lungs then empty them, this will help to ground you, to circle the oxygen around your body, it will slow your heart rate and start to relax your muscles. Do this for as long as necessary. For some children it can help to hold their hand up in front of them and you run your finger up the side of their thumb for the count of 5 then down the inside for the count of 5, up the first finger for 5 and so on, this helps them to regulate and will also reassure them that they are not alone. This in itself will bring comfort. (this also can help if they have fallen and hurt themselves.)

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel, all feelings are valid, we just need to work on ways of turning the negatives to positives.

Just for fun, I found this guy yesterday (was directed by Mr R)

Elephant toothpaste : you tube clip

Stay home, stay safe

Day 2 - 24.03.2020

Another beautiful day, I woke up to a frost this morning and the garden looked clean and crisp. I can see why its so important to get outside where it is safe to do so, as it clears our minds and tops up the vitamin D.

Wow yesterday evening i managed to get out in the car, no contact with anyone and there were so many rainbows up in windows you are all amazing.

Last nights news. Although we knew it was coming was quite scary and for some people difficult to come to terms with. We can't change it, but we can make it okay. If we all do our bit we can get back to normal sooner.

So here's today's challenge. Do something fun!

Three little birds Learn this and we can all do it together in assembly when we get back to school. Singing is a great tool for releasing endorphins and this is well known to be a great way to protect your mental well being. If you learn this with others in your house, it will make it even more fun and time well spent together.

Task Master Home Tasking an explanation.

Today's Task this task is live till 3.00pm, but you can still do it for fun after.

Nature doesn't know what it's happening to it's human inhabitants and probably doesn't care, it carries on regardless. We could see this as a fantastic chance to bond with the world. Can you hear the birds? Now there is less vehicle noise, Are there many flowers in your garden? What different colours can you see? Spend a moment standing in the sun.. Can you feel the warmth?

 Day 1 - 23.03.2020

The day has started with the beautiful sunrise, always something worth seeing. Today marks the start of a different type of school for most of us.

Like you I am having to stay home, so I will endeavour to update this page with challenges, information and support to let you know that even though we're not in school, the support and care will always be there.

Many of you will be finding it strange and may have lots of questions.But at this difficult time the key to thriving is to stay positive.

Are you.....

Up and dressed?

The act of getting up and dressed helps to maintain routine and this in turn will help you feel like you have some control over this.

Today's Challenge

If you haven't done so make a rainbow and put it in your window. Be creative we are hearing that the sight of the rainbows around Debenham and local villages is lifting peoples spirits and helping to spread smiles.  Your rainbow can be made of anything, chalk, pen, paint, play dough, socks, t-shirts natural objects, you just need to have a go, the only limit to this is your imagination. While you are doing this think, Who is helping me? Who am I helping? How does this kindness make me feel? Are you proud to be part of our community?

Have you thought about.....

Keeping a diary or log of this unique time? One day we will all be part of somebody's history lesson. Anne Frank comes to mind.. (not sure who she is? look her up). Maybe we can document or thoughts and feelings through this time. What we are doing? How are we managing to keep in contact with loved ones and friends? Is this the time you teach your grandparents to finally use video calling just so you can see each other? How are your pets finding having you all around? What have you learnt about yourself? 

Stay home, stay safe