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Deben Class / Year 5

Summer Term 2021

Welcome to Deben Class.

Please find out more information about our Year 5 class below.

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Deben Class Timetable

Miss Molly Miller - Class Teacher

Summer 2 - 2021
Marvellous Music Afternoon

Year 5 were very excited to take part in our music afternoon on Monday 5th July, with visitor Joe from The Red House.

We found out about Benjamin Britten and compared his musical achievements with that of Ed Sheeran. We then carried out some awesome musical experiments; we used a laser to show sound vibrations and then tried out a light theramin!



Exciting Enrichment Morning

On the 1st July, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from three teachers from Thomas Mills High School. It was a fantastic morning on the theme of 'Thomas Mills Hero School', filled with exciting learning.

We learnt how to say the different parts of the body in German and then applied this learning by designing our own superhero and labelling the body.

We then had a mission from Spiderman to help investigate which material make the best web shooters. We undertook an exciting practical experiment and we saw Miss Crisp, the science teacher, create web fluid just by mixing two chemicals - it was amazing!

Tissue Paper Bowls

In our art lessons, we have been making tissue paper bowls. To do this, we wrapped clingfilm over a bowl (to act as a mould) and then we used PVA glue to layer up tissue paper on top of the clingfilm. We added quite a few layers of tissue paper to try and make our bowls sturdy, we finished the bowl by adding a layer of PVA glue to act as a glaze.


Becoming the Solar System!

To introduce our new science topic, Earth and Space, Year 5 undertook some role play. We first learnt about the planets in our Solar System - where they are in relation to the Sun and how long it takes each planet to orbit the Sun.

We then headed out to the playground and became the Solar System! Mercury ended up getting a bit dizzy from orbiting the Sun so quickly!

Summer 1 - 2021

Fantastic Phone Cases

We have recently come to the end of our DT unit on making phone cases. Year 5 have worked so hard in each stage of the process, from creating a design to using their sewing skills to make the final product. Here are a few of our finished products!

Yoga with Mrs Jones

This half-term, some of Year 5 have had the opportunity to take part in yoga sessions with Mrs Jones. During Mental Health Awareness Week, the yoga poses that Year 5 had a go at were all based around nature and animals.


Getting Musical with the Glockenspiels

Our unit song in music this half term is 'Dancing in the Street' by Martha and The Vandellas. In our music lessons, we've started to learn to play the song on the glockenspiels!

Gravity Experiment!

In science, we've been studying the topic of 'Forces'. We planned and carried out an experiment based on the question: 'Does the mass of an object affect how fast it falls?'

We headed out to the playground and dropped two objects with different masses from the same height to see which one hit the ground first. We came to the conclusion that the mass of an object does not affect how fast it falls because air resistance is acting on the objects pushing them up slightly, in opposition to gravity.

Spring Term 1 and 2 - 2021

Spring 1 and 2 - 2021
Mother's Day Cards

It's been truly wonderful having Deben Class back in school after being apart for so long due to lockdown.  

In our first week back, we made wonderful Mother's Day cards inspired by the beautiful spring blossom. We designed the vases in a traditional Japanese style and used cotton buds to delicately add the blossom to the branches.

Printing, Printing, Printing!

In Spring 1, our art was focused on printing. The home learners explored creating a print pattern in the style of William Morris and produced some awesome 'foil prints'. 

With the key worker children, we worked on reduction block printing. We learnt about the process of reduction printing and created our own reduction prints using yellow, red and blue ink. Each lesson, we 'worried away' another layer of our press print to produce a beautiful print in the primary colours.



'How can we help planet Earth?'

During the home learning period, Deben Class were given some additional tasks that they could complete at home based around the question 'How can we help planet Earth?'.

The Deben Class key worker children completed many of these tasks in school. We researched different endangered animals and looked at the ways they are being protected, we designed posters to encourage recycling around school, and investigated the issue of plastic pollution.


Autumn Term 1 and 2 - 2020

Autumn 1 and 2 - 2020
Christmas Crafts in Deben Class

We've had a very festive week in Deben Class. We've been making all kinds of Christmassy crafts; from awesome Christmas crowns to beautiful watercolour Christmas cards.

The children have worked so hard on all their crafts and have produced some truly stunning pieces of artwork!.

Remembrance Day - Poppies and Prayers
In our art lesson, we created some beautiful 3D poppies for Remembrance Day. We layered up different shades of red and orange oil pastels/pencils and blended the colours together to create a more realistic style of poppy.

We reflected on what Remembrance Day means to us and then wrote a prayer for the Remembrance Day service to thank the soldiers who gave their lives during the war..

World War 2

We've been learning all about World War 2 this term. We've created timelines and fact files about the events of WW2, identified which countries were Allies and which were in the Axis Powers, and explored the events of the Battle of Britain. 

All About the River Deben!

At the start of term, Deben class learnt all about the River Deben. We created informative fact files and produced some beautiful artwork of the wading birds you would find around the River Deben.