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Year 3

Spring Term 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Spring Term, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 

This term our topic is Ourselves’. This will include lots of Science work on the digestive system, parts of the body, nutrition, the human skeleton and muscles. We will also consider a balanced and healthy diet, knowing where our food comes from, tasting different dips and dippers and making some of our own. RE will be taught as standalone lessons where the children will learn about the Christianity unit of ‘Conversion’ and looking at who St Paul was and also the Sikhism unit about ‘Gurus’.


We will be continuing with the bar modelling for maths that the children have been learning and using. It focuses on the use of a bar to calculate addition and subtraction. The children will also be learning about other methods of addition and subtraction and they will be learning to do more arithmetic in their head. This term we will also cover more on fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, angles, measuring using different pieces of equipment and money. You can support your child at home by ensuring they know the pairs of numbers which make 10, 20 and 100, helping them learn their times tables and counting forwards and backwards in tens from any number up to 1000. e.g. 45, 55, 65, 75… 98, 88, 78, 68... 572, 562, 552…etc.


We will be focusing on speaking and listening, reading and writing based on a range of fiction and non-fiction text types. The children will be developing their use of punctuation, joined up handwriting and their vocabulary, learning new and more ‘grown up’ words to use in their writing. This term our focus will be on fiction texts about ‘Quest Myths and Legends’, ‘Mystery Stories’, ‘Playscripts’ and Dialogue’. We will also be doing some work on poetry based on ‘Shape Poems’, ‘Calligrams’ and ‘Poems to Perform’.

Pupil Planner

You should expect book bags home every day. They will contain your child’s pupil planner and reading book. All the information you need about your child’s homework for the week will be recorded in their planner. This includes reading every day and times tables to learn each week for weekly tests. Please write comments in the planner when you have heard your child read as we use this to check and monitor how much reading they are doing at home. Please also sign the planner each week to show you have seen it and seen the homework they need to do.

The children will do guided reading in a group with one of us once a week and during this time we will focus on improving their comprehension skills. Please listen to your child read every day to continue to develop their confidence and fluency. It is also important to ask them lots of questions about what they read to further develop their skills.


Homework will consist of reading each night, sometimes having spellings to learn and learning their times tables each week off by heart (10x, 2x, 5x, 3x, 4x, 8x then 6x). Times tables tests will continue on a Monday and spelling tests on a Friday. It is really important that when your child has learnt a times table and moved on to learn the next one that you keep practising all the previous ones they have learnt too, as they will quickly forget them if not. Their aim is to learn up to the 8x table off by heart and confidently by the end of Year 3 and all times tables up to the 12x table off by heart by the end of Year 4. However, the sooner they learn them the easier it will be for them, as then they can just keep practising and become more confident and quicker at reciting them. 

Spelling patterns will continue to be taught and learnt in weekly sessions and a small number of these words will be given as part of their weekly spelling test on a Friday. Please ensure that your child shares their weekly spellings with you and ask them to explain the spelling pattern, including any exceptions to the rule. This will ensure that they are talking about the rules and patterns of different words in the English language. 

Please ensure they have their spelling books and times table books in their book bags on a Monday morning. There will not be a homework project to do this term as we have our school play, but there will be a homework project in the Summer Term instead. More information will follow about that nearer the time.


The class will continue with French lessons from Mrs Woodhouse on a Tuesday afternoon until half-term, then back to a Wednesday afternoon.


We have PE sessions on Mondays, but also at other times in the week depending on the weather. The children will need their usual indoor PE kit of black shorts, school t-shirt and plimsolls, and also an outdoor kit consisting of a tracksuit and trainers. Please note that plimsolls are for indoor PE only, as they do not protect the children’s feet enough for games outdoors and must not get muddy.

Girls with long hair need a band to tie it back and earrings must be removed. Girls wearing tights must have a pair of socks in their bags to change into for PE. There is a large amount of unnamed clothes. Please ensure ALL clothes and shoes are clearly named to prevent things being lost. Name tags can be ordered from the school office.

If we get snowy weather the children must have a pair of wellies in school and also we recommend a spare pair of socks to be kept in their PE bags so they have a dry pair of socks to change into as their feet get very wet after playing in the snow in wellies.


At the end of this term on Tuesday 26 March there will be a Year 3 and 4 production. There will be an afternoon performance at 2pm and also an evening performance at 6pm. We will begin rehearsing for this very soon! More information and a letter will follow about it nearer the time. 

We will continue to use Class Dojo to share photos with you of what the children do in class and also to share important news, messages or information. 

Can we please urge that all boys wear a school tie. It is a requirement of the school uniform that all boys in Key Stage 2 wear a tie, but this is not always happening. You can purchase ties from the School Office.

Finally, if you have any concerns or questions at all please do come and see us or arrange a time that is convenient for you. We are here to help and support you and your child.

Year 3 Timetable 2018/2019

Mrs Charlotte Adie and Mrs Carly Smith