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Sir Robert Hitcham CEVA Primary School

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Year 2

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to Year 2, we hope everyone had a lovely summer.

Mrs Harris is the Teaching Assistant supporting the children in Year 2 and Mrs Jones will be working with children needing additional phonics support. Mrs van Ek will be teaching the class one afternoon a week.

Here is an overview of what we will be covering this term. Work will be differentiated to meet the individual needs and targets for your child/children.


We will be continuing to teach the curriculum using the Singapore approach and this first half term, we will be focusing on number and place value, counting and addition and subtraction involving two digit and 3 digit numbers. We will be using practical and visual resources to embed mathematical concepts and to develop their confidence and mental skills. To develop their mental fluency it is really important that your child knows the pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20 and can recall them quickly so lots of practice at home is really helpful. They will also benefit from support with counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 up to 100. To support your child with their maths, we have an online learning zone that the children can access in school and at home. The children all have a Mathletics account and their personal log in details can be found inside the front page of their reading record journals.


This term we are looking at a variety of traditional tales to improve sentence structure. We always start by exploring a text, recounting and sequencing the events and looking at the story language used. We are focussing on extending sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs, openers and conjunctions and the children will be introduced to the correct grammatical terms. In Year 2 children learn to write in a joined up style and we will shortly be starting this process. Although we do not expect children to be consistently joining some of their writing until nearer Christmas, you may notice them beginning to join some letters as they are introduced to them. 


Reading books are sent home every night and need to be read and returned every morning. A regular five or ten minutes shared reading, with a little discussion, is really important to ensure progress. Please remember to write in your child’s reading log to let us know which page they are up to so we can see when it needs changing. There is a strong emphasis on reading fluency, use of expression and comprehension skills both verbal and written. The children will be reading in school each week in Guided Reading groups or one to one with an adult and the progress observed in these groups will determine the books that your child needs to read to further develop their phonic skills and ensure progress is made. When the reading books are returned to school in the morning your child is independently removing these from their bag and choosing a new book when necessary. Could we please ask that water bottles are not placed in book bags as leaks have resulted in ruined books.


Spelling lists will be sent home on Thursdays for testing the following Thursday. Please help your child to practise and discuss the meanings and possible uses for the words on the list. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (found in the front of the spellings book) is a good strategy for learning spellings, with several practices throughout the week. The spellings given will be derived from the phonics work in the class that week and will be differentiated to meet your child’s needs. There will also be some high frequency words stapled to the front of their reading logs. These words are for your child to practise reading to develop their fluency.


 ‘Ourselves and Where we Live’ is our topic this half term. We are studying the local environment, looking at maps and amenities and comparing how we live today with life in Victorian Britain. We are going on a learning walk around Debenham to identify a range of property styles and to take photos and we will be comparing these with photos of the village taken over 100 years ago. In Science we are looking at materials and their properties and linking this to the buildings we find. In DT the children will be making a replica of their own home so please can you send in a cereal box or something similar for them to use. A photograph of their house would also be very helpful so that they can pay attention to the details. Box and photo by Monday 8 October if possible please.

If your child has something to share that relates to our class topic then they can bring it in to school to show the class. Old Victorian artefacts such as house hold objects would be very welcome. We will of course keep them safe and let children explore them under close supervision. No valuable antiques thank you!  Please do not encourage your children to bring in toys as they will have an opportunity to do this after Christmas when our topic is ‘Toys’.

In Geography, as well as looking at the local environment, we are revising the countries that make up the United Kingdom and learning about continents. We have named the tables in the class after continents to help the children to memories these. If you go on holiday, please send us a postcard so that we can locate where you went on a map and work out which country and continent you visited.


PE lessons take place twice a week but the children need their kits in school every day as the weather can dictate when PE lessons actually take place. Some lessons will be outside so trainers are required for use on the field and plimsolls are needed for indoor lessons in the school hall. A warm top such as a fleece or a sweatshirt will be required for colder days too. Children with long hair will need to have their hair tied up and earrings removed. Girls will need a pair of socks if they are wearing tights. Please ensure that all items are named so that any misplaced kit is quickly returned to its rightful owner.

An Introduction to Year 2

I will be holding a meeting on Monday 17 September at 2:30pm in the classroom for parents to attend to discuss the work and expectations in Year 2. It will give you an overview of what the year will entail and the opportunity to ask general questions. Do feel free to bring younger, pre-school children with you. The meeting will end at 3:10pm to enable you to collect your child/children from the school playground in the usual way.

If there is anything you or your child are unsure of, or worried about, please do get in contact and we will arrange a meeting after school – don’t wait for Parents’ Evening.  We are here to help.

We are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable year in Year 2.

 Year 2 Timetable 2018/2019

Mrs Jill Robinson