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Year 1

Spring Term 2020

                 Year 1 Work                                  Year 1 Reflective Space

This term the children will continue to be supported by Teaching Assistants Mrs Kemp an Miss Balaam every morning.



The children will continue to learn how to sound out words and learn and use digraphs and trigraphs (two or three letters that combined have a single sound). They will now be developing their sentence writing by using adjectives, conjunctions and sentence openers to make their sentences more interesting. The children will be encouraged to check their written work to see that it makes sense. There will be a strong focus on using full stops in the correct places; capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and for proper nouns and smaller and neater handwriting with letters correctly formed and orientated. The children will be writing stories, recounts and reports and learning how to write instructions. They will also be looking at information texts and their features and discovering the differences between a fiction and non-fiction text. 

The green spelling book will continue to be sent home every Thursday with new words that the children need to learn. They will be tested on these words at school the following Thursday. Please help your child to learn these at home.


You should expect book bags home every night. Books will continue to be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children benefit from reading a book more than once as this encourages fluency in reading and good expression, recognition of unfamiliar words and promotes better comprehension of the text. There is a reading information booklet on the school website that offers guidance on how to support your child with reading and suggests questions you can ask to help develop their comprehension skills. Please try to hear your child read for at least five minutes every day, or as often as you can and write comments in the reading record book when you have heard your child read. If there is no comment in the book we will not know it has been read and therefore it will not be changed. Please return book and bag every day even if the book has not been read. 

As well as their reading books, children will also be sent home with a sheet of high frequency words that need to be learnt confidently by sight as not all of the words can be sounded out as they are ‘tricky words’. This will develop your child’s vocabulary and help them to read more fluently. Only the words that are highlighted on the sheet need to be learnt. The children will be tested on these words on Wednesday and updated sheets will be sent home on Thursdays. We will tick off words they can read confidently and highlight new words throughout the term. When children have completed all the sheets we will continue to revisit previous words learnt to ensure they are secure in their knowledge. 


The work with shape, space, measures and securing number facts will continue this term. The children will do work on learning to tell the time using the vocabulary of ‘o’clock and ‘half past the hour’ and we will use the language of time such as days of the week, months and years. Please try to practise reading clocks as this will ensure the skill is not forgotten. We will be doubling and halving numbers up to 20 and finding pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20 (number bonds). For some children this is new learning, for others it is ensuring they are confident and secure in their knowledge before moving them on to larger numbers. We will be counting in twos, fives and tens up to 100 and the work on addition and subtraction will continue using resources such as a bead string, number line and 100 square to help the children to grasp new concepts. The children will be encouraged to use the correct mathematical language and there will be an emphasis on practical work giving the children the opportunity to explore ideas using a variety of resources to help them learn new concepts and to help develop their mathematical thinking. Getting an answer right is only one of the steps in maths. Children need to understand and explain how they got the answer using the appropriate vocabulary and begin using their mathematical knowledge to help them solve new problems.

We will be using a programme called ‘Mathletics’ which has activities online for the children to work on at home. Each child has their login details in their reading journal. I hope you will help your child explore this resource and attempt the activities I will assign.


The topic for the first half term is ‘Beatrix Potter and The Lake District’ to include the following: 

  • History – looking at aspects of Beatrix Potter’s life and the stories she wrote and illustrated;
  • Science – identifying and naming a range of animals and their offspring. Understanding the terms carnivore, omnivore and herbivore and identifying a range of common animals from each category;
  • Geography - looking at the physical and human features of the Lake District and comparing with those found locally in Suffolk using basic geographical vocabulary;
  • Art –making a 3D model of Peter Rabbit out of clay; and
  • DT – making split pin moving animals.

After half term the topic will be ’Paddington and Peru’.

Nature Table

In the classroom we have a nature table and children are encouraged to bring in objects of interest they find in the garden, on the playing field or maybe walking to school to display, investigate and discuss.

We have an ongoing topic about weather and seasons so we will be looking at winter and the changes into spring.


PE takes place twice a week but lessons are on a flexible time table this term dependent on when we have access to the hall; therefore please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school at all times. This term the children are doing gymnastics in the hall with Mrs Jones on Thursday afternoons. After half term we will aim to have some PE lessons outside, weather permitting. Children will need a warm top such as a fleece or sweatshirt for those cooler days. Girls who wear tights need a pair of socks to change into for PE lessons. Please ensure long hair is tied back or that they have a hair band in their tray, jewellery be removed and all items of clothing are named. Children who wear pierced earrings need to remove these before coming to school.

Show and Tell

‘Show and tell’ is a time for the children to bring something special from home to talk about and share with the class. Please discourage children from bringing things on other days, as they can get lost or broken and generally cause distraction. Show and tell takes place on a Friday. We do tell children the day before it is their turn for ‘show and tell’ but a gentle reminder from you also will hopefully ensure they remember to bring in something to share with the class. Your child’s days are as follows: 

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4

17 Jan

14 Feb

20 March

24 Jan

28 Feb

20 March

31 Jan

6 March

27 March

7 Feb

13 March

27 March

Max Edward Rudy Hetty
Grace Eliza Darcy Dexter
Elizabeth Ellie Isla Lillyarna
Shannon Corey Ebony George
Harriet Tom Luna-Blue Jack
Finley Myla James Ava
Florence Fleur Beau Jessica
Arthur Isobel

Barnaby Bear

As part of an on-going topic, the children have a class teddy bear called Barnaby, who goes on journeys. Photos are taken of Barnaby Bear in various locations and postcards from him are sent back to the school. Please let me know if you are going on holiday either in the UK or abroad and would like to take Barnaby Bear with you!  There is a display in the classroom showing the places the children and Barnaby Bear have visited. If you don’t have the space to take Barnaby in your suitcase please can you can still send us a postcard from your holiday or give us a photo to add to the display. 


As a reminder in Early Years snack was often provided to children at morning break, however, this is not the case in Year 1. If you would like your child to have a snack at morning break then they will need to bring in a piece of fresh fruit.

Finally, if there is anything that you do not understand or anything that worries you about your child and their education, please get in touch.

Year 1 Timetable

Miss Anna Jackson - Class Teacher