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Year 1

Summer Term 2019

This term the class will be learning about and covering the following:



The children will be developing their writing this term. They will continue to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces without needing to be reminded. They will be using different sentence openers such as ‘next’, ‘after’, and ‘then’ to sequence events and make their writing more interesting. They will use different conjunctions in a sentence, such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ and there will be a big focus on putting more detail in their writing and using adjectives naturally. The children will use a variety of punctuation including commas, question marks and exclamation marks. They will be writing stories, reports, labels, lists and poems. There will be an emphasis on presentation, ensuring letters are correctly formed and handwriting is of a neat and regular size.

The weekly spelling list in the books will continue to be sent home on Thursday for your child to be tested on the following Thursday. Please help your child to learn these at home.


We will be looking at ‘interpretation and response’. The children will focus on re-telling stories, talk about their thoughts and feelings of the text, discuss reasons for events which happen in the story and relate story settings to their own experiences.

You should expect book bags home every night. Books will continue to be changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Children benefit from reading a book more than once as this encourages fluency in reading and good expression, recognition of unfamiliar words and promotes better comprehension of the text. Please try to hear your child read for at least five minutes every day, or as often as you can and write comments in the reading record book when you have heard your child read. If there is no comment in the book we will not know it has been read and therefore it will not be changed. Please return book and bag every day even if the book has not been read.


 There will be ongoing work with securing number facts, shape and measures and problem solving. I will be introducing the ‘Empty Number Line’, which is one of the strategies we teach to help with number and calculation.

We will continue to use resources to support their learning and ensure they are secure with all number facts to 20. Additionally we use numbers to 100 for calculations and repeated addition and counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. They will be using number facts and place value more to work out addition and subtraction mentally. In order for the children to develop mental arithmetic confidently, your child will need to know all their doubles for numbers to 10 and their number bonds to 10 (pairs of numbers which make 10 i.e. 2 and 8, 7 and 3, 5 and 5 etc) and subsequently number bonds to 20 (pairs of numbers which make 20? E.g. 2 and 18, 7 and 13, 5 and 15 etc.)  If you wish to do any extra work at home to improve their mental number skills then helping your child to learn these will really benefit them.


As well as work in Maths and English, the Year 1 class topic is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ in which we will be exploring plants and how they grow; this topic will also include looking at Kenya as a contrasting area to Britain for plants and weather. For the last part of the Summer Term we will be researching the seaside and comparing holidays in the past. As part of our work on the seaside we will be visiting Southwold. More information about this will follow. 


In PE we are focussing on outdoor field sports so the children will need a warm top, such as a fleece or sweatshirt, to go over their t-shirt, for cooler days and a pair of trainers for going on the school field and girls need a band to tie their hair back. Please ensure all items of clothing are named as this helps to locate the owner of any lost items at the end of the day!

Children who wear pierced earrings need to come to school on PE days without earrings or need to bring in surgical tape to cover their ears. This is for the safety of your child and is a requirement for health and safety during PE lessons.

Now that we are in the summer term hopefully we can expect some sunnier and warmer weather!  As the weather improves, please can you provide your child with a hat to protect them from the sun and put suntan lotion on them before they come to school. If they need to, they will have to re-apply lotion for themselves during the day. If your child brings a water bottle to school please remember that water only is permitted during lessons and please don’t forget to put their name on the bottle. The bottles are stored in a tray which can be found by the classroom door. There is also a water fountain in the Key stage 1 activity area so do not worry if your child forgets to bring in a drink. 

Show and Tell

Show and tell will continue to take place on a Friday. Your child’s days are as follows: 

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


26 April

24 May

28 June


3 May

7 June

5 July


10 May

14 June

12 July


17 May

21 June

19 July

Monty Lillian Molly Archie
Stanley Hayley Harley Ryan
Isaiah Andrew Elijah Alex
Flo Georgie Selma Elliott
Shola Esme Feyhan

In Year 1, the Summer term is all about independence and preparing your child for Year 2. They are continuing to develop their independence during lessons by following the class routines and rules and selecting the appropriate resources they need to complete work. Children are being reminded to go to the toilet before morning registration and during playtimes and lunch to minimise disruption during lessons. Of course they will still be allowed to go to the toilet during a lesson if they need to.

Remember, if there is anything that you do not understand or anything that worries you about your child and their education, please get in touch; I am here to help.

Year 1 Timetable 2018/2019

Miss Anna Jackson