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Catch-Up Fund

Sir Robert Hitcham CEVA Primary School Catch-Up Fund Plan 



  •     All pupils to make accelerated progress in Reading, Writing and Maths 
  •     Pupils who are self-isolating or off school due to Covid-19 not to be disadvantaged 
  •     Spend the Catch-Up Fund appropriately  
  •     Ensure staff and pupil well-being is paramount 
  •     Effective remote learning is in place 
  •     Staff workload is manageable 


School to be a positive experience for pupils and staff 

Desired Outcome 

Action (and when) 

a) All pupils to return to school with attendance at 100% across the school 

HT to inform parents/carers that attendance is expected from 3rd September (1st September)

HT to inform parents/carers that attendance is expected from 8th March following Jan/Feb lockdown.  (Communicated with parents/carers week beginning 22nd February)

HT to follow up any pupils who do not attend (daily) 

HT to work with EWO where there are any persistent absentees.  

b) Pupils with additional needs are well supported in the new school life 

HT to contact individual parents/carers to ensure pupils are confident to return to school. (1st September & 4th March) 

Specific pupils who require additional support to have one-to-one or small group support (daily) 

c) Nursery & Reception pupils to feel confident with their start to school 

Nursery & Reception pupils to have a phased start attending full-time by week 5. (September) 

d) All pupils and parents/carers informed and aware of new procedures in school 

HT to communicate all relevant and key information with parents/carers. (September & March) 

Staff to be briefed on new procedures. (1st September & March) 

Clear signage around the school to support pupils and parents/carers on the first few days at school. 


Cost: £606 


Well-Being/Mental Health of pupils is paramount 

Desired Outcome 

Action (and when) 

a) Staff feel confident to support the well-being of pupils in their class bubble 

PD Day – Sharing of well-being ideas and the potential to set-up well-being committees in each class (1st September) 

Standing item on weekly staff meeting agenda to allow sharing of practice and outcomes (weekly) 

Three members of staff to become Mental Health Champions by completing accredited online CPD (Autumn 1) 

Eco-School initiative led by HLTA to focus on mental health & well-being. (Spring & Summer)

b) Staff are aware when a pupil is feeling anxious or concerned 

Daily check ins with pupils built into the daily timetable (daily) 

Individual follow-up and check ins for pupils who require it (daily) 

c) Staff know where they can access well-being support for pupils and for themselves 

Information shared about staff well-being on the Risk Assessment.  All staff receive an electronic version of the Risk Assessment (1st September) 

PD Day – Staff informed of the procedures in place to access support for pupils (1st September & March) 

Mental Health First Aider - x1 Summer Term.  Mental Health First Aider - x1 to complete training in Summer Term.

d) Pupils know they are listened to and know what to do when they feel anxious or concerned 

Pupils given opportunities daily to share how they are feeling (daily) 

e) Well-being to have a high profile in school 

Collective Worship to focus on well-being once a week (weekly) 

Daily check ins with all pupils across the school (daily) 

ELSA support available for all pupils (daily) 

Well-Being/Mental Health resources purchased (when needed) 

Three members of staff to become Mental Health Champions by completing accredited online CPD (Autumn 1) 

The whole school to take part in Mental Health Awareness Week - 10th May - 14th May


Cost: £853 


Identification of gaps in learning and priority areas for the curriculum 

Desired Outcome 

Action (and when) 

a) Pupils secure basic skills and have foundations for more complex learning 

Recovery curriculum to be taught from September.  Focus on Mathematics and English (Autumn Term) 

Full curriculum taught from 8th March.  Gaps analysis completed by teachers to allow focus on specific areas which children need to 'catch-up' on.

b) Pupils’ gaps in learning to be identified and filled 

All pupils to sit a variety of assessments over the first few weeks at school which will assess skills and knowledge in English and Maths (Autumn 1) 

Teachers to complete gaps analysis from remote learning (March)

Data to be inputted into Pupil Asset and analysed by Senior Teacher (Autumn 1) Repeated end of March.

Mathematics to be a focus during Summer 1 as an identified area in need of catch-up.  Data inputted and analysed at the end of Summer 1. 

Data action plan created by all staff 12th April.

c) All pupils to make accelerated progress during 2020 – 2021 to fill gaps from Covid-19 school closure 

Interventions provided to fill gaps both for individual pupils and for whole classes (in place for Autumn 2) 

d) Year group and/or whole school focus identified and made a priority in school 

Analysis of data from testing during the first few weeks of term to influence the priorities in the school and year groups (Autumn 1) 

e) Pupils who require intervention, to receive it 

See below for details 

f) Pupils to be able to access reading books appropriate for their age 

English Subject Leader to purchase books for all year groups. (Autumn Term) 

g) Marking policy to reflect ways in which pupils can be supported in identifying their own gaps and responding/developing to their learning 

PD Day – 2/11/2020 - To explore the current Marking Policy and to make changes. 

End of Autumn 2 – To have a new policy to follow. 


Cost: £672 + (see below) 

Implementation of intervention 

Desired Outcome 

Action (and when) 

a) Year 4 pupils to make accelerated progress.  All pupils (SENd/Pupil Premium) to be able to access the curriculum and close gaps 

Nurture Group to run five mornings a week (beginning 19/10/2020 until end of December) 

HLTA to work with Year 4 2.5 days a week to deliver targeted input to small groups (September 2020 - October 2020) reduced to 1 day a week (November 2020 – December 2020) Reduced to 0.5 days a week (March onwards)

Cost: £4010 

b) Year 4 and Year 6 to have targeted whole class support in order to close gaps and have accelerated progress  

HLTA (with QTS) assigned to Year 6.  HLTA to have their own room to deliver targeted input to small groups and immediate intervention. (September 2020 - July 2021) 

HLTA to work with Year 4 2.5 days a week to deliver targeted input to small groups (September 2020) 

Cost: £4480 per term (Total - £13440) 

c) Pupil Premium pupils in Upper Key Stage 2 to have targeted Mathematics intervention 

8 pupils to access Third Space Learning one-to-one tuition (Begin 5/11/2020 until July 2021) 

Cost: £2881.95 

d) All pupils who require intervention to support them in closing the gaps to receive tailored intervention  

Data analysis of September data drop to indicate where intervention is required.   

All classes to have an assigned teaching assistant so immediate intervention can be delivered and pupils have a relationship with the adults who deliver their intervention. (September 2020) 

In addition: 

Year 1 – two afternoons a week of extra support to deliver targeted intervention (October 2020 – January 2021) & (March 2021 - July 2021)

Reception – an additional member of support staff on Monday and Tuesday (September 2020) 

Intervention programs purchased: 


Power of Two 

Year 3 & Year 5 – a minimum of three afternoons a week for intervention 

Year 5 & Year 6 – 8 pupils to access Third Space Mathematics tuition 

Year 2 – additional TA hours to support LAPs.  Hours moved to the morning to support English and Maths 

Year 4 - Summer 2 - HLTA x 2 afternoons a week for interventions

Cost: £12,520 

e) SENd pupils to make progress in line with their peers 

Newly appointed experienced Sendco (September 2020) to work with HT to ensure all SENd pupils are tracked. NLE support for Sendco (May 2021) to track all Send pupils.

Pupil Perception Interviews to focus on Pupil Premium, SENd and LAP pupils. (November 2020) 

f) All pupils to make appropriate and sufficiently challenging progress during 2020 – 2021 

New curriculum in place for September 2020 which significantly upskilled and knowledgeable subject leaders.  High quality first teaching across the school. 


Total Cost: £34,986.95 

Total allocation (based on 174 pupils on roll): £13,920 

Total number of pupils on roll: 189 



Whole school attendance 8th March - end of April - average 97%

Staff continue to respond to pupil's well-being needs.  HT completed Mental Health First Aider Course Summer 1.

Progress and attainment in all year groups improved since Autumn Term.

Interventions are being tracked and evaluated every 6 weeks.

Data action plan created and shared with all teaching staff who have used it in their planning to target catch-up focus areas.  Due to review at the beginning of Summer 2.

May 2021

Whole school attendance during Autumn Term - <97% 

Pupil perception and parent/carer comments suggest that pupils feel safe and supported in their well-being 

Writing progress during Autumn Term shows significant progress across the whole school 

Third Space Tuition was well received by pupils who were enthusiastic to attend each week. 

December 2020

Next review: February 2021