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Sir Robert Hitcham CEVA Primary School and Nursery

Community, Respect, Compassion.

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Governing Body Members

The governors are volunteers from all walks of life who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education by supporting the school. The governors work together as a body to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction and that the school delivers a good quality education by holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school. They ensure and oversee the financial procedures of the school, making sure money is well spent.

The constitution of Sir Robert Hitcham CEVAP School allows for 12 governors who each serve a term of four years:

  • two parent governors - elected by parents;
  • one local authority governor - proposed by Suffolk County Council;
  • one staff governor - elected by staff;
  • one headteacher - ex officio; and
  • seven foundation governors.

The foundation bodies entitled to appoint foundation governors are:

  • the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Board of Education (six governors); and
  • the Sir Robert Hitcham School Foundation (one governor).

**The Governing Body can appoint an associate member, who does not have any voting rights.

Governor and Associate Member Details

Governor and Associate Member  Bios

Mr Graeme Carlile

Parent Governor

It’s a pleasure to serve as a Governor at SRH.

I qualified as a Doctor in 2004, and since 2015, I have been a Consultant Trauma & Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ipswich Hospital.

Professionally I have been fortunate to work around the world in children’s hospitals in Auckland (Starship) and Sydney (Westmead). Children’s Orthopaedics comprises a majority of my practice, which also includes adult & paediatric trauma and complex disabilities.

In addition to surgical practice, I am Cardiff University Bond Solon certified Expert Witness in Civil Law and run an extensive medicolegal practice.  I maintain academic links with local Universities throughout Norfolk & Suffolk. I am Trust Appraiser of fellow Consultants and Allied Health Practitioners. Since 2023, I have been the Clinical Lead for Trama & Orthopaedics at Ipswich.

Outside of work, I am a father of two girls and enjoy keeping fit. I very much enjoy & value our local area and living around Debenham.

I look forward to bringing a variety of experiences to the governing body.

Mrs Mie Coker

Foundation Governor (Diocese)

I have two children who attend Robert Hitcham Primary School.

I started my career working with various not-for-profit organisations, project managing campaigns on sexual health education.

I’m passionate about children enjoying their learning journey.

I hope to serve the best way I can and support the Christian vision and ethos of the school.

Mrs Laura Dumolo

Headteacher (Ex Officio)


It is my absolute pleasure and privlege to be the Headteacher of Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School.  I became the Head in January 2020.  It wasn't quite the start to Headship I had envisaged! 

Mr Gavin Hailes

Foundation Governor


Mrs Julie Nightingale

Foundation Governor (Diocese)

I have 18 years of teaching experience at schools in Suffolk, including two voluntary aided primary schools, and an independent preparatory school.  Whilst being a class teacher, my specialism was music, which I believe has huge benefits in developing skills across the curriculum and fostering good mental health and well-being to all.  

Since my children have started attending this school, I have enjoyed volunteering in various ways including choir, recorders and supporting in class as a volunteer. My new venture is a Ukulele club!  I am part of a group of parents who pray each week for the school and am keen to see the Christian ethos underpinning everything. 

I have taken a break from teaching to care for my own child who has complex needs and moderate learning difficulties, this has enlightened me to the challenges that children with special needs and disabilities face within education.  

Having moved out from Ipswich, I enjoy walking in the local area, singing in a local choir and playing keyboard and violin at church.  I run the Suffolk Down’s Syndrome Support Group and volunteer for The Bumblebee Children’s Charity.

Mrs Kate Nulty

LA Governor

have been appointed as an LA Governor for Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School.

I have two children at SRH and currently work in internal audit for an insurance company. I have worked in people management roles within insurance for approximately ten years before securing this last post.
I am honoured to be a part of our school's governance team and I am excited to take on this new responsibility. After moving to the area in 2021, I wanted to give my time to my new community and to play a part in the village's future and felt this was the best use of my time, skills and experience I have gathered over the years in the workplace. I look forward to serving the school in the best way I can, making sure the Christian values and Rainbow Pledges are at the heart of everything I do.  

My spare time is spent with my children and husband and seeing what outdoor fun we can get up to!

Mrs Nikki Styles



Mr Colin Tapscott

Foundation Governor (Diocese)

Inspiring and equipping people to enable them to do their best is what I do. I run a leadership coaching, training and consultancy company (Everyday Leader) developing people to see themselves as leaders. Prior to this, I was a headteacher for 17 years, leading large primary schools in Suffolk and Hertfordshire. With 30 years’ experience of working in schools, I know the importance of a good values driven education and the life changing impact that can have. It is an honour to serve on the governing body to support the school leadership to achieve that. My current role is to serve on the Resources Committee. I also hope to bring ideas from my experience of working in schools that help the governors to do their role well.


As a church school, we are in a privileged position to help children understand how positive Christian values can help them in learning, life and leading themselves. I hope that my theology degree, my experience of running a children’s faith based charity with my wife, and years of volunteer leadership in churches will help support the school leadership to help children explore those values.


My family and I have lived in Debenham since moving to Suffolk in 2007. My three children are all adults now, so recreation time revolves around walking our three dogs and running to keep fit.

The Revd Susan Taylor

Foundation Governor (Diocese Ex Officio)


After spending far too much time wandering aimlessly around the world, I settled to a career as a solicitor, got married, had children and, rather to everyone’s surprise, not least my own, became a Christian. I was ordained in 2015 and have been in the seven parishes of the Benefice of Debenham and Helmingham since 2017. 

When my daughter started school, I became a governor at her primary school and really enjoyed the role. I was briefly chair of finance, which was long enough to know that it is not a role for me. I was also a governor in Yoxford. I was briefly chair, which also taught me that, although it is a great role and a great privilege, it’s not something to take on whilst also ministering to several parishes! I love laughing around the dinner table with my family and friends, walking the dog, gardening and being in any mountains.

 Governors and Associate Member Appointments

Governor / Associate Member Date of Appointment Term of Office Governor Category Appointing Body
Mr G Carlile 03/06/2024 4 years 02/06/2028 Parent appointed by GB/board due to no election candidates
Mrs M Coker 04/01/2021 4 years Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury
Mrs L Dumolo On appointment N/A Headteacher Ex Officio

Mrs V Gascoyne-Cecil

01/09/2023 4 years Interim Headteacher Ex Officio

Mr G Hailes

Vice Chair of Governors

10/10/2022 4 years Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury

Mrs J Nightingale

Vice Chair of Governors

18/04/2020 4 years Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury
Mrs K Nulty 20/07/2022 4 years LA Full Governing Body
Mrs N Styles 08/07/2022 4 years Parent Elected by Parents

Mr C Tapscott

Chair of Governors


12/10/2020 4 years Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury

The Revd S Taylor

On appointment N/A Ex-Officio Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury
Governor Date of Appointment Date of Resignation Governor Category Appointing Body
Ms Alison Woods 21/01/2021 13/06/2022 Associate Member Full Governing Body
Mrs Victoria Gascoyne-Cecil 05/07/2021 08/04/2022 Interim Headteacher Ex-Officio
Mr Stephen Palframan 18/04/2022 16/05/2022 Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury
Mrs Louise Kindred December 2021 05/07/2022 Staff
Mrs Claire Gibson 17/04/2020 31/08/2022 Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury
Mrs Sally Connolly 20/07/2022 23/01/2023 Local Authority Suffolk County Council
Mrs N Faulds 18/04/2020 17/04/2024 Parent
Mrs S Lock 18/04/2020 17/04/2024 Foundation Diocese of Ipswich & St Edmundsbury

 Governor and Associate Member Pecuniary Interests

Governor / Associate Member Interests to Declare
Mr G Carlile

Parent of pupil at school

Mrs M Coker

Parent of pupils at school

Mrs L Dumolo


Mr G Hailes


Mrs J Nightingale
Mrs K Nulty Parent of pupils at school
Mrs N Styles Parent of pupil at school
Mr C Tapscott

Director of Everyday Leader

Husband of supply teacher

Director of Lemmings Holidays

Father of youth worker at The Mix

The Revd S Taylor

Foundation Governor at Debenham High School

Rector for Debenham PCC; Aspall PCC; Kenton PCC; Winston PCC; Pettaugh PCC; Framsden PCC; Helmingham PCC

Trustee of Sir Robert Hitcham Foundation Trust

Trustee of Pettaugh Mission Trust

Trustee of St Edmunds Bury & Ipswich Diocescan Board of Finance 

Committee Memberships

Governor / Associate Member Committee Memberships
Mrs M Coker Admissions; School Development
Mrs L Dumolo Admissions; School Development; Resources
Mr G Hailes

Admissions; Resources; Chair of Resources

Named Health and Safety Governor

Mrs J Nightingale

Admissions; School Development; Chair of School Development

Named Safeguarding Governor

Mrs K Nulty Admissions; Resources; Wellbeing
Mrs N Styles Admissions; Resources
Mr C Tapscott

Admissions; Chair of Wellbeing

Named Training Link Governor

The Revd S Taylor Admissions; School Development; Wellbeing

The Resources Committee is responsible for overseeing the school budget and areas related to the budget (e.g building, maintenance and staff recruitment).  The Chair of the Resources Committee is to be confirmed.

The School Improvement Committee has responsibility for monitoring the school's performance, ensuring that every pupil is supported by the school to reach their full potential.  The Chair of the School Improvement Committee is Mrs Naomi Faulds.

 Attendance Record for Governing Body and Committee Meetings 2022/2023

Governor / Associate Member Full Governing Body Resources Committee

School Improvement


Mrs M Coker 1 of 1
Mrs L Dumolo 1 of 1
Mrs N Faulds 0 of 1
Mr G Hailes 0 of 0
Mrs S Lock 0 of 1
Mrs J Nightingale 1 of 1
Mrs K Nulty 1 of 1
Mrs N Styles 1 of 1
Mr C Tapscott 1 of 1
The Revd S Taylor 0 of 1

Governors' Attendance 2021/2022 

If you would like a copy of the public minutes of a meeting, please contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Colin Tapscott, at